Physical Testing of Polymers and Plastics

At Polymer Diagnostics, Inc., we have the equipment and the personnel to assist you in developing extensive data on your materials' physical properties. Our lab has the ability to perform over 50 accredited tests.  We can put those capabilities to work for you. Armed with qualitative and quantitative data on your materials characteristics, you organization can gain an immediate and substantial advantage over competitors in your industry.

Accredited to ISO-17025 through A2LA, the PDI laboratory performs a wide variety of physical and mechanical tests in accordance with ASTM procedures to provide you with the high quality data you need.  Our team can consult with you to determine the tests that are most suited to your needs. Contact our scientists for more information.

Physical Testing Capabilites and Standards

Weathering and Aging Accelerated weathering, oven aging ( D573), and an environmental chamber
Fire and Flame Testing Flame and fire testing including UL and ASTM standardized test
Tensile Testing ASTM D412 (Method A), D638, D882; ISO 37, 527-1/5
Impact Testing ASTM D256, ISO 180, ASTM D4812, ASTM D4226, ASTM D5420, ASTM D3763; ISO 6603-2, D 1822
HDT/Vicat ASTM D648, ISO 75-1/2
Electrical Properties ASTM D257 D149
Brittleness ASTM D746, D2137
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D696
Hardness ASTM D2240
Melt Flow Index ASTM D1238; ISO 1133
Flexural Properties ASTM D790; ISO 178
PVC Fusion ASTM D2538
Color and Gloss ASTM D2244, E1331, ASTM D523
Density and Specific Gravity ASTM D792 (Method A),ISO 1183-1
Immersion Testing ASTM D543 (Practice A)

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