Our microscopy labs feature state-of-the-art optical, digital and electron microscopes, including a new optical profiler. We can magnify samples up to 800,000 times. We will render your sample in 2D and/or 3d with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and textures. We can provide full color optical images along with measurement and analysis of shapes and artifacts. 

Microscopic examination is a starting point for our comprehensive failure analysis process.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Energy Dispersive X-ray Detection

Our Field Emission SEM can provide images magnified up to 800,000 times. Our Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) detector can determine the elemental makeup of a sample for all elements with a greater atomic number than boron. For failure analysis, the multi-axis, adjustable stage provides viewing angles of even the most complex structured samples.

Optical Microscopy

Compound and stereo microscopes can capture full color images of samples at various magnification levels. We can use reflected, transmitted and/or polarized light to illuminate samples, optimizing the image and resulting in more valuable information. Time lapse photography is available, and is often used in conjunction with a hot/cold stage on the compound microscope. The Keyence digital optical microscope has an adjustable mast to allow for viewing at angles not available on most optical microscopes.

Optical Profilometer

The optical profilometer can accurately characterize and then provide quantified results for all types of surfaces.  This brand new instrument easily analyzes flat, curved, spherical and cylindrical shapes. We can also use the many built-in data analysis routines to extract powerful information for you. 


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