Fire Science

The fire science team at PDI has extensive experience in fire science testing and support for aerospace, automotive, wire and cable, and many other industries. We offer industry-specific tests as well as ASTM and UL Standardized tests. Our advanced analytical tests can provide an even deeper understanding of a material's flammability properties under combustion and near-combustion conditions.

Cone Calorimeter

Our cone calorimeter runs to standard ASTM E1354 or can be modified to better suit your needs. Equipped with laser and gas analyzers, our technology can measure smoke release, heat release and the release of CO and CO2. Both horizontal and vertical orientations can be utilized to help describe other physical characteristics of your material and correlate to other test methods.

Microscale Combustion Calorimeter (MCC)

Our MCC gives the customer the option to run smaller samples on premium materials. The MCC measures the heat released by 5 – 20 milligrams of material, according to ASTM D7309.

Standardized Testing Available

Horizontal burn test


Automotive interior burn test

FMVSS 302, ASTM D5132

Oxygen index

ASTM D2863

Horizontal and vertical flame tests

UL 1581

Glow wire IEC 60695-2-11,12,13

UL 746A

Vertical wire test


Horizontal and vertical tests

UL 94, ASTM D4896, D504, D3801

Flash point





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