New Product Research

The product development process takes patience. Whether you’re a product manager, engineer or other stakeholder, you’re pressed to collaborate with each other and compete with the market for a result that delivers on its promises.

One part of the process you never need to worry about: specifying, and finding, the perfect polymer formulation to meet your needs for performance and cost. From concept to launch, we’ve got you covered.

Material selection can make or break your product – access to the most thorough information available is pivotal to your success. Customers like you trust Polymer Diagnostics, Inc. to provide complete intelligence on both prospective and competitive materials. We have extensive capabilities in research and testing to plan and characterize new products.

New Product Testing

Your data is only as good as the processes and equipment used to gather it. This is an area where PDI excels. As an A2LA accredited lab with the capability to perform a wide variety of ASTM, ISO and UL tests, our team has the resources and credibility to inform your material selections.

  • Our Analytical Lab pinpoints the components used in competitor products, helping you learn qualitative and quantitative information on the resins and additives that comprise any product polymer. This data can become the catalyst for a product with a leg up on the competition.
  • The Physical Testing Lab provides exhaustive data on the properties of your new products. Understand how your product responds to aging and weathering with cycles customized to your application.

We have the ability to test the many formulations you’re considering to help you decide what’s best for your product. Contact us for more details on the resources we offer to enhance your product development process.


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