Failure Analysis

From our beginnings as the troubleshooting lab for one of the country’s premier polymer companies, we have acquired top-caliber methods, personnel, and databases to help you determine the root cause for your product failures -- and then work to stop those problems from reappearing.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have seen failures ranging from imbedded particles to substantial bulges, and from delamination to full blown fractures. We use multiple analytical techniques that allow us to dig deeply into the root cause and failure mechanisms involved with your product.

Part failure is expensive – but far from inevitable. By identifying the causes and determining corrective measures you stand to save time and money down the road.

Common failure analysis tasks include:

  • Root cause/effect of failures
  • Processing method evaluation and corrective action suggestions
  • Stress analysis and simulation of actual service conditions
  • Design improvement of parts
  • Fracture modes and mechanisms
  • Environmental effects on parts performance
  • Flammability Performance
  • Thermal Testing

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