The performance of your product may depend on the chemical composition and quality of its ingredients. Our extensive background in polymer and plastics characterization enables us to perform efficiently complex chemical analysis and to determine structural features, process dynamics and other product performance criteria.

Our scientists use technologies including FT-IR spectroscopy, chromatography, XRF spectrometry, and ICP spectrometry to answer quickly and quantitatively one of the most often asked questions in the polymer industry: “What is this?”

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How Material Identification and Deformulation Work

Our diverse material characterization capabilities allow us to evaluate a wide range of polymers and additives. We can help you to determine the base polymer type, the identity and level of a particular additive, and the major components present or perform a comprehensive analysis of each additive present, including its proportionate level.

In short, our scientists can take apart your competitor’s material to help you understand what it is – and how to improve upon it.

From consistency to molecular weight and everything in between, identification techniques can give you the knowledge you need to improve product performance.


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