Polymer Testing for Healthcare Applications

At Polymer Diagnostics, Inc., we help medical manufacturers create safer, more durable products. Our work includes analysis related to failures, early stage development for Class II and III medical devices, and a wide variety of physical tests.

Our diagnostic experts work with you in the testing and characterization of product to ensure your products meet industry material specifications. PDI scientists have deep experience testing a wide variety of medical devices, including:

  • Surgical devices
  • Implantable appliances
  • Diagnostics devices
  • Tubing
  • Gloves
  • Pharmaceutical products

For more detailed information regarding our methods and standards for medical plastics testing, please contact us directly.

Healthcare Industry Capabilities

  • Chromatography - Phthalate and BPA Tests to evaluate specfic analytes
  • Deformulation - Isolate individual compounds and proportions within any plastic
  • Failure Analysis - Determine root causes and thresholds for medical device failure
  • Fire Science - Evaluate and verify your product's flammability resistance
  • Litigation Support - Employ dispassionate expertise related to plastic characteristics in medical devices
  • Physical Testing - Access a huge variety of physical attribute discovery techniques
  • Rhelogy - Study the specifics of how a given substance flows

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