Electrical & Electronics

Electrical & Electronics

From connectors to computers and phone housings to circuit boards, plastic plays a critical role in electronics everywhere. This results in tighter industry standards, however, as global consistency becomes ever-more demanding. Plastic in electronics must meet performance standards and follow UL specifications to ever get the chance to reach the global market.

Polymer Diagnostics, Inc. recognizes your challenges in meeting strict industry standards. With UL 94 capabilities and various other ASTM, UL and IEC testing capabilities, PDI will give you a thorough and complete analysis from just one source.

Our expertise extends beyond clearing your material for production – we can also give you a competitive edge. From analyzing competitor products to comparing new potential materials, we’re prepared to help drive your plastic innovations for electrical and electronic products. Contact us to learn more.

Electronics Industry Capabilities

  • Deformulation - Isolate individual compounds and proportions within any plastic
  • Failure Analysis - Determine root causes and thresholds for medical device failure
  • Fire Science - Evaluate and verify your product’s flammability resistance
  • Litigation Support - Employ dispassionate expertise related to plastic characteristics in medical devices
  • Physical Testing - Access a huge variety of physical attribute discovery techniques
  • Rheology- Study the specifics of how a given substance flows
  • Standardization - Meet specifications of a huge variety of UL and other tests
  • Weathering and Aging- Gather information on a material’s performance after time and exposure of the elements

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