Frequently Asked Questions

At PDI, the one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t apply to our customers. We’ll find the technology, tests and personnel to position you and your product for success.

Not sure exactly what capability or technique you need? Below are real world questions our customers have asked us. We can recommend one or more of our advanced capabilities based on your unique questions.

What is this material made up of?

Compositional analyses can help you identify what elements make up a material, and in what proportion. Learn more about composition analysis on our deformulation page.

What material is my competitor using?

Deformulation studies can provide incredible detail on the materials your customers have brought to market. Visit our deformulation page for more information.

What is the difference between these two materials?

Because deformulation and compositional analysis are such powerful tools for characterizing materials, they form an outstanding basis for comparison between materials you’re considering for product development, or your own material versus a competitor’s.

Why is my material breaking?

Failure analysis is the study of what causes products to break or deteriorate, and can help you identify what changes need to be made to improve your product performance. Weathering and aging tests may be useful, in particular, to simulate common failure conditions.

What is that lump/speck/defect?

Beyond testing why a product fails over time, failure analysis can also identify contamination and other issues in your production process itself.

What standardized testing do you provide?

Our scientists have extensive experience conducting tests that meet specifications for stringent bodies such as UL. For a selection of tests PDI implements regularly, view our A-Z list of methods.

Can PDI help with legal cases?

PDI has worked extensively with organizations and legal teams to provide dispassionate testimony, testing data and expert consultation. Visit our litigation support page to learn more.

Are you accredited?

PDI is fully accrediated by A2LA (Mechanical & Chemical Accreditation; Current Certificate Numbers: 0514-01 & 0514-02)


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